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IDCXPrintSession Interface Reference

This interface is used for managing print sessions. More...

Inherits IDispatch.

Public Member Functions

HRESULT CreatePage ([in] IDCXPrintPage *page)
 Create the page. More...
HRESULT CreatePageEx ([in] IDCXPrintPage *page, [in] IDCXOBJ *page_attributes)
 Advanced Create Method. More...
HRESULT DeletePage ([in] IDCXPrintPage *page)
 Delete the page.
HRESULT GetPrinterInfo ([out, retval] IDCXOBJ **obj)
 Get Print Info. More...
HRESULT WaitForPrinterInfo ([in] int secondsToWait, [out, retval] IDCXOBJ **obj)
 Check and wait for incommingP rinter Info via N-EVENT-REPORT. More...


PRINT_COLOR_SPACE ColorSpace [get, set]
 < The element value

Detailed Description

This interface is used for managing print sessions.


Member Function Documentation

◆ CreatePage()

HRESULT IDCXPrintSession::CreatePage ( [in] IDCXPrintPage page)

Create the page.

Element value

◆ CreatePageEx()

HRESULT IDCXPrintSession::CreatePageEx ( [in] IDCXPrintPage page,
[in] IDCXOBJ page_attributes 

Advanced Create Method.

This function enables adding optional tags to the N-CREATE command.

◆ GetPrinterInfo()

HRESULT IDCXPrintSession::GetPrinterInfo ( [out, retval] IDCXOBJ **  obj)

Get Print Info.

Send a N-GET request for printer SOP class. This method is the same as the GetPrinterInfo of the requester class but here it works on the already connected association of the session while in IDCXREQ it starts a new association.

objIf successful, the printer info

◆ WaitForPrinterInfo()

HRESULT IDCXPrintSession::WaitForPrinterInfo ( [in] int  secondsToWait,
[out, retval] IDCXOBJ **  obj 

Check and wait for incommingP rinter Info via N-EVENT-REPORT.

This method waits for an incoming N-EVENT-REPORT from the SCP for specified number of seconds. When N-EVENT-REPORT from the Print SCP are likely, use this method with 0 timeout Before every call to other print API commands as well as on a timer that checks for events once in a while when the association is opern

An object holding the printer info or NULL object. If nothing was recieved, the HRESULT will be S_FALSE and if something has arrived it would be S_OK.
secondsToWaitHow long to wait for or 0 for non-blocking read and return
objIf successful, the printer info object or null if nothing has arrived.